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And So It Begins…

New Year, New You

Yup. I’m one of those cliché people who try really hard at the beginning of the year to create goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. I don’t know how many other people feel like this, but to me the beginning of a new year is a fresh start or a new chapter in our own stories (cheesy I know). Also like most people, I fall off the wagon after a couple of weeks.

I believe though one of my main issues in the previous years was only identifying things I wanted to accomplish like: workout consistently, eat healthier, save money, yadda, yadda, yadda. I never wrote them down, I never identified why I wanted to do the certain goals I picked out, and I never created an action plan. We all know that wanting never becomes anything more without a plan, action, or dedication (not that wanting is not a good motivator, because things won’t happen unless you want it to).

The Importance of Goal Planning

This year though, I’ve actually created several pages for my goal planning to help keep track of them and assess both my progress on my goals and in my life as a whole throughout the year- let me know if you would like them made available for printables through the comments or through my social media or you could diy some customized to your liking!

On the first page I created for these goal planning worksheets included a “Year’s Main Focus” box and a section for “Resolution Ideas” to help corral all of the things I was considering. For my main focus this year I had it be positivity. I did this because I struggle with anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia so I have negative thoughts going in and out of my mind throughout the day, so this year I wanted to try and change my way of thinking to help turn the negativity into a positive response. This section could be anything you wanted as an overall goal for your year; it could be like mine where it is one word or a phrase such as “to increase stability and prosperity in my life”. The idea section is just a bunch of lines where I could jot down any and all possible goals-both large and small- that popped into my head leading into the new year.



I’m not sure how many of you have heard of the Level 10 Life before (I had never heard of it until I was looking into bullet journaling on Boho Berry’s Youtube channel and blog- you can check out her post on Level 10 Life here and when I read Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning– which I’ll do a post on in the future), but it’s a way to evaluate 10 categories of your life on a level of 1-10. Fairly self-explainatory. There are the original categories of: Family & Friends, Personal Development, Spirituality, Finances, Career, Marriage, Fun & Recreation, Giving & Contribution, Physical Environment, and Health & Fitness. You can customize the categories to fit your lifestyle, I stuck pretty close to the originals, just shortened the titles: Mind, Body, Soul, Love, Fun, Money, Giving, Home, Fam/Friends, Work/School.
Once you evaluate your life currently for all ten of the categories in the wheel, you can quickly see which areas of your life need improvement (which will most likely be all of them, but some might need more than others). The ultimate goal in life according to Hal Elrod is to live our lives using our ultimate potential instead of just living a mediocre life. The way the Level 10 Life comes into play with that is we all strive for the “Level 10” in every category. The assessment of the categories helps hone which categories might need a bit more work, which leads me to the next page of the worksheets….


Level 10 new year goals! This page has a box for each category where I could list specifically which goals I would like to do and which category they originate from (i.e. striving for more positive thoughts would go under my “Mind” category or under the original “Personal Development” category). This page helps categorize the broad resolution ideas from the first page to tailor it towards the initial Level 10 Life assessment.





Next in the worksheets, once the category goals have been chosen, are the individual goal planning sheets. These sheets include a “Goal” section (to help identify which goal the action plan is for), which category/categories the goal belongs to, a “Why this Goal?” box, and “Plan Steps”. I never really thought about why I wanted to do a certain goal, sure I knew I wanted to work out and eat healthy so I could lose weight, but I never sat down and truly thought about what that goal would do in my life in every aspect or how it would relate to my “year’s main focus”. When I finally started to think about why I realized on a more emotional and mental level why I kept going back to these resolutions or why these resolutions stood out to me over others. Once I figured out why I wanted to do that specific goal, I needed a plan- you won’t get to a destination efficiently without the best route (well you can, but I’m pretty sure we can all agree that having a road map and a planned route is helpful). Some of my goals where day-specific (i.e. on Sunday I would need to do this task) where as other tasks in the plan were more “I am going to have exercise clothing and any needed equipment pulled out the night before”. Having a plan helps keeping up with a goal easier, but what also helps is keeping a running record of any accomplishments, milestones, changes to the goals, and progress throughout the year.


The last page does just that, it has a section for any milestones/accomplishments or changes to the goals and a bar graph for the Level 10 Life category as a whole or a goal to rate on which level (1 to 10) each month for the year. This way it is easy to see how the goals and their plans are working to improve (or not improve) our life so we can make adjustments since goals are ever changing since we’re ever changing (again, cheesy I know).





Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll show you what goals I have planned for this year and their action steps!

Much love,

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