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Big News!

Hey y’all,

I promise I haven’t forgotten about all of you and there is a reason I have been M.I.A the last several months.

I have some big news for you- I am pregnant! With all the excitement and planning for the baby, the first trimester (which, thankfully, is over now) also brought morning sickness. In my case though, the first trimester brought hyperemesis gravidarum, or more commonly known as severe morning sickness. I was basically a portion of the couch for 3 and a half months when I wasn’t spending my time vomiting (gross I know). I even ended in the hospital twice for an IV to get fluids since I lost 15 pounds overall due to not being able to eat or drink. Don’t worry though the baby is healthy and so am I (if you care:).

With that negative portion of the pregnancy behind me I can finally get back into the blog, but giving you a heads up I will probably be doing only a post or two a week and building back up- don’t want to overdo it and burn myself out for you guys.

I appreciate so much how patient you’ve been with my on and off absences with the blog while I get my life in order! Hopefully you guys stick around now that I’m back and enjoy everything that’s to come!

Much love,
Jae…with soon-to-be baby!

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