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Day 11: Weird Quirks

Strangeness all around…

Well hello there! You guys get to learn all about my strangeness. I have several weird quirks about me, mainly I hate when people say good instead of well. I have no idea why that one specific grammar issue bothers me, but it just makes me cringe when I hear the wrong word being used.

Another weird thing I like to do is randomly meow. I have multiple cats and have always grown up with cats so it’s just a random habit. I did it randomly so much around my mom when we worked together that she ended up starting to do it!

I have this weird need to do things a specific way, like folding laundry? I have to fold my shirts and pants a certain way and my husband tends to do it another way and for some odd reason it bothers me…even though I hate folding laundry.

Similar to the doing things a things a specific way I also have this weird habit of needing specific items- I use Bounty Basic paper towels and toilet paper and I dislike other brands, same with cleaning supplies, and groceries.

I also love to dress up even if it’s really lame things like going to the grocery store or going to the gas station. It’s not that I want to impress anyone, but it helps me feel good about myself and helps me feel confident- which I struggle with (see my post today on Big Beautiful Wednesday’s section, it’s on self esteem and confidence!!)

I can’t really think of anymore right now, but if I think of any I’ll post them on my social media sites! What are some weird quirks that you have? Give me a shout out on the comments or shoot me a message!

Much love,

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