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Day 12: Favourite Childhood Book

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Hey everyone! Today is day 12 of the about me challenge is about my favourite childhood book. I have one specific book I remember reading over and over again and then there was a series I grew up reading. The book I read over and over, and still read on occasion is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I love this book still to this day because it not only is a good story line for children- although some of the play on words in scenes may not make complete sense to children. This book is about a boy who basically has no feeling to anything¬†and sees no point in doing anything at all. Then one day he receives a package- a little car and a tollbooth. This tollbooth takes him on this wonderful journey where he learns a lot and meets all of these new people. I’m obviously not going to give away anything and ruin the magic of the book! I highly recommend it for everyone.

The book series I grew up reading is, as most people have spent years following along, is the Harry Potter series. It came out in the US in 1998 when I was 5, a bit to young to start reading it, but when I grew up a bit I started reading it and followed the series as I grew up. I love it a ridiculous amount and I feel everyone should read it if they haven’t- or even if they’ve only seen the movies because there is A LOT more to the storyline that is left out during the movies.

Well, it’s a short post for this day in the challenge! What are some of your favourite books? Why do you like them? Let me know in a message or comment!

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