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Goals for Days

I didn’t come here to be average…

So to continue the goal planning post under Weekends at Home, I’ve planned my goals around the Level 10 Life assessment I did. I currently don’t have any goals under love, giving, fun, or fam/friends because under those I feel like I’m doing a decent job and should focus my efforts on mind, body, soul, money, home, and work/school.


I have two goals under this category; positive thinking/daily mantra, and then working on daily routines.

The positive thinking/daily mantra is to try and reduce negative thinking, to help increase my self-esteem, help combat depression and anxiety. The actual plan steps is to identify when I’m having negative thoughts then to identify positives for the scenario that led to the negative thoughts. The daily mantra will be used when I’m feeling a depressive episode or anxiety attack coming on and after my daily meditation (which is part of the daily routines goal).

Speaking of daily routines, the second goal is to help reduce clutter, mess, and stress when it comes to my morning and evening routines along with help taking better care of my skin and to help with my fibromyalgia pain and anxiety. There is multiple pieces to this goal include: AM routine, PM routine, a new laundry and dishes routine, and a new nightly tidy-up. The AM routine is to ensure I wash my face, floss, put lotion on for my psoriasis (especially now that I’m due to start getting stretch marks from the baby soon), drink a glass of water, and actually eat breakfast (am I the only one who struggles with that?). These routines tie into one of my body category goals of exercising and yoga, so the action plan steps include several things to help get into doing that too.

For the AM routine I have included having a water bottle prepped and ready to go in the refrigerator as well as having workout clothes and any gear for the day prepped. I have a list of the best order for these items for me (i.e. work out/yoga/meditate, then brush teeth/floss before the shower, wash face during my shower, then afterwards put on lotion). Following the personal care portion of the morning I have to have emptying the dishwasher and place any dirty clothes from the morning directly into the washer, eat breakfast (and put the dirty dishes in the empty dishwasher), and to fill out my planner page to help organize my day.

For the PM routine I have to prep the water bottle and workout clothes for the morning (i.e. fill it and put it in the fridge), run the dishwasher that has been filled up throughout the day and to spend 10 or so minutes tidying up any messes while my sleep medicine is kicking in (yay for insomnia). Once the house portion is done, it’s on to the personal care (can you see a pattern with these). This would be washing my face and teeth, putting on lotion and my PM face/lip mask, and the hardest part for me is NO phone right before sleep or when I go to lay down since I usually browse Pinterest to help me fall asleep.

As for the new laundry routine, instead of trying to have a dirty clothes basket and then when it’s full to take it to the washer/dryer, since my husband and I seem to never have a laundry basket available and the dirty clothes just go in a pile in the corner- which drives me insane, we’re going to take any dirty clothing and immediately place it in the washer and when it’s full to run it and dry it (average one a day to every two days which will grow once we have our little one). It helps keep dirty clothes mountain at bay and allows me to keep up with actually folding/hanging up clean clothes versus just making a clean clothes mountain in the laundry basket.


I’ve already stated I have the stereotypical new years resolution of exercising on my goal list, but this time around I’ve made it more achievable. Instead of trying to jump right into working out 5-6 days a week like I used to, I have it set to 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes and working up to 5 days a week for 45 minutes- obviously allowing a break after the baby is born so my body can heal properly. Along with this goal I have starting back up with yoga 3 days a week working up to yoga everyday. The plan steps for this is to do it first thing in the morning since everything for it will be prepped and ready and it will give me the boost in the morning that I need to help combat any remaining sleepiness. I also have it written in that I’ll have planned the night before (while prepping clothes and gear) what exercise I’m going to do, since I’m 6 months pregnant this Friday I plan on doing Shaun T’s Focus T25 program to start out (it’s a cardio program that is only 25 minutes long and has a modifier which is good for me starting out after almost a year of not exercising). Since I suffer from fibromyalgia one thing I have included in my plan steps while I don’t want to go more than 3 days without any form of physical exercise (be it working out or yoga) to take rest days and breaks as needed to not push my body into a flare up (or make a flare up worse).

A goal similar to this is to aim for 8,000 steps a day. When I worked at the jail there were days I would get 20,000-25,000 steps a day, but that was almost two years ago and with the increase of flare ups I’ve been having due to the pregnancy, I’ve been taking it easier. Unfortuantely that usually means I don’t get too many steps in a day so instead of aiming right off the bat for 10,000-15,000 which is something I would like to work up too, I’ve made a reasonable goal of 8,000. Plan steps include taking a walk on the trails near my house when it’s nice out at least once a day as well as including the steps from working out. If it isn’t nice or I’m having a flare up then to try and do some light stretching and walk around the house for a bit every few hours instead of becoming one with the couch cushion all day.

I have one more goal in the body category and that’s to eat healthy (again, another stereotypical one, but who’s really surprised?). Although, instead of just having “eat healthier” for the goal I have it broken into more manageable goals: 3-4 servings of veggies, 2-3 servings of fruit, and 6 oz of protein a day. I struggle throughout the day to actually eat since I never feel hungry so I have a plan of which meals (breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack, and dinner) during the day to include what food group:

  • veggies:
    • minimum 1 serving at lunch and at dinner
    • 1 veggie snack
  • fruit:
    • 1 serving fruit for “dessert” (these whole pregnancy cravings for candy is real y’all and I’m struggling)
    • 1 serving in the AM
  • protein:
    • minimum 2 oz at lunch
    • minimum 3 oz at dinner
    • 1 serving as a snack (example 2 TBSP of any kind of nut butter- like having celery and peanut butter which covers both veggie and protein snack requirements)
  • I also included a small list of healthy snacks to carry when I’m out and about so I don’t go eat fast food french fries (another pregnancy craving):
    • nuts
    • small to go cups of peanut butter
    • fruit leather
    • beef or turkey jerky


One goal that ties into both home and body is my goal to meal plan and to eat at the table versus on the couch. theres multiple steps on this including what day to go grocery shopping, how many meals to pick, when to actually prep the ingredients/cook, etc. This will be fluid depending on our schedule, but most likely it’ll be choose meals and create grocery list on Saturday, grocery shop and prep ingredients on Sunday, and then start dinner around 5-530 depending on the cooking time so it’s done at a reasonable time (instead of 8 PM which is what normally happens). The eating at the table is something I want to incorporate mainly because 1) we have a table so we might as well use it and 2) so our little one can grow up getting family time at night around the table.

The other home goal is to declutter/organizing/clean the house and nursery before our baby arrives. I usually am one to do a giant cleaning and organizing session over a weekend and get it all done which leads to stress if I can’t get it done and a massive flare up where I’m out of commission for a week. So this time I have gone on the conservative side of what I will be able to get done each month leading up to the beginning of April. January includes our “must do list” such as getting rid of our empty moving boxes that have been piled in the garage (it’s been since August that we’ve been moved in so I think we can get rid of those now), deal with all the holiday decorations, and to find a place for our spare mattress and if we can’t look into selling it or donating it. This month also includes decluttering and organizing our storage/laundry room and our front closet. February includes finishing up our bedroom and closet (which I did not too long ago, but there is a couple of things that need to be changed before our baby is here such as make a more accessible space for our bassinet). Other areas for February include the kitchen, bathroom/linen closet, and handling any non-nursery items that are currently housed in the nursery room closet. I have these set for February because our baby shower is mid-February so having any non-nursery areas handled near that time will allow me to focus solely on the nursery in March.


We’re currently on one income (my husband’s military income) since I’m expecting soon and daycare is ridiculously expensive so I plan on staying home with the baby while I finish my master’s so I can get a job once he’s out in a few years. This unfortunately means we’re on a strict budget which we don’t follow too well. So the main goal is to save $1,000 minimum this year and to pay off our credit cards by the beginning of May in case we have any emergencies that we can’t cover out of pocket. I have it set to put $85 dollars a month into our savings account and to use our tax return and his temporary duty money towards our credit cards. I also have an intense budget plan that my mom (who is an account) created for us that we’re going to actually follow, but that’s a whole other can of worms, so I won’t get into it!


As you guys already know I don’t have a job currently, but I am in school and run this blog so that’s what I have under this category. My master’s class is online and the weekly deadline is on Sunday at midnight so I have created a weekly plan on when to have certain pieces of the assignments done (i.e. read the chapter/readings from Monday to Wednesday- I am old school and take notes by hand so it takes me a while to read, my original discussion post and quiz done on Tuesday, do a response post once a day from Wednesday to Saturday, and to work on the assignment from Thursday to Saturday) that way I’m not cramming from Friday to Sunday to get it all done. Finally, I have to start with 1 blog post a week and work up to all categories (5 posts a week) since I’m pregnant I don’t want to stress myself out more since I’m already stressed about our baby and being prepared (that whole being first-time-mom-thing ha!) because I still want to be able to give you guys posts, tips, and tricks even though I’m having a baby!

So there you have it (in a really long post) of what I’m working on this year! What goals are you working on? Let me know in the comments or on my social media!

Much love,

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